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We can repair a wide range of major appliances throughout the Spokane Washington area. If you do not see your specific appliance listed on our website, that does not necessarily mean we cannot fix it. Give us a call and let us know what you have and what issues you are having. Just keep in mind that we DO NOT fix small appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, toaster, toaster ovens and microwaves.

Refrigerators / Freezers / Icebox

Washing Machines / Dryers

Stoves / Ovens

Dishwashers / Garbage Disposals

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Our Repair Services

Don’t see your specific appliance listed? Call us and let us know what you have!

Refrigerator Repair Service

Broken or non-cooling refrigerator or ice box?

Dishwasher Repair Service

Dishwasher making loud noises, not draining?

Dryer Repair Services

Dryer not heating, drying clothes?

Oven Repairs

Oven not heating up? Not Turning On?

Stove Repairs

Stove not working, burner not heating up?

Appliance Installation Services

Bought a new appliance, need help installing it?

Happy Customers

“Adam is a down to earth guy. I felt comfortable with having him in my home, fixing my broken refrigerator. I felt like he was an honest and trustworthy repair main and will definitely keep his magnet on my new repair fridge for future reference.”

“Avery Appliance Repair know what they are doing. Thank you for making me feel at ease with needing to buy a new dishwasher.”

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