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Do you need professional help installing an appliance? For most people, the answer is probably yes. Some home appliances are relatively simple to install, while others—not so much. If you find yourself in need of a hand, Avery Appliance Repair of Spokane can help.

Here are some type of appliances we can help you install:

Gas and Electric Appliances


Gas & Electric Stoves/Ovens


Washers & Dryers

Microwaves & Garbage Disposals

Installing any new appliance is far trickier if you don’t have all the right tools for the job. You will often be working in tight spaces, and a certain degree of knowledge and practical know-how is beneficial.

At Avery Appliance Repair, we offer a full installation service to go alongside our repair operation. While we don’t repair smaller appliances, like microwaves or coffee machines, when it comes to larger appliance installation, we will help you out with anything you need.

Before considering that, though, think about what type of appliance you need help with.

Types of Home Appliances to Install

Washing machines and dryers can be problematic to set up if you are not confident with plumbing. Even if you are, do you have the tools to make sure installation goes seamlessly, and you don’t end up with a wet mess in your laundry room? Save yourself the headache and opt for professional installation.

How about a refrigerator? It might seem like the easiest thing in the world to get up and running but can you shift it around by yourself? Do you know how to hook up the icemaker and water dispenser if it has one? Our fridge installation service is quick, easy and priced accordingly.

Dishwashers also call for more specialist knowledge to install confidently, one wrong move and your machine could be leaking water from below—where you may not notice right away. So, why leave things to chance?

How about gas and electric ovens? Again, it might seem tempting to take care of the job yourself but, if you put a price on your own time, it could be far more cost-effective to call for professional installation. You will also get the security of knowing it’s been set up by experts used to doing this kind of job day in, day out.

No job is too small when it comes to appliance installation so why, specifically, should you opt for Avery Appliance Repair if you want your appliances set up right?

Why Choose Avery to Install Your Appliance?

Here at Avery Appliance Repair, we offer a full service that goes beyond just fixing your equipment when it’s on the blink. If you have just invested in a new washing machine or other bulky appliance, and you are stuck as soon as you have unboxed it, get in touch, and we will help you out.

Owned and operated by Adam, you will get the benefit of a personal touch along with the advantage of a team of experts with deep experience in all aspects of fixing and installing household appliances.

Choosing a service you can place your trust in can be tough with so many companies in Spokane vying for your business. We get that. If you are in any element of doubt, pick up the phone and give us a call. We will set your mind at rest, and we are also more than happy to provide testimonials from satisfied customers dating back 10 years.

We are confident that once you engage our services here at Avery, we will be your go-to option any time you need your appliances fixed or installed. So, what are you waiting for?

Customer Reviews

“We had Avery Appliance Repair come and install our microwave for us. Our previous one died after years of use and so we needed to buy a new one that would go above the stove. I would never have figured out how to get this installed right. Thank you Adam! “

“Great service and great price. Thank you Adam for getting our new dishwasher installed quickly. You never realize how much you use a dishwasher until you don’t have one. We had a very old dishwasher and after it broke we decided to buy brand new. Adam installed it for us.”

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