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When your dryer is failing to function properly, it might be tempting to think about immediately replacing it. While this can sometimes be the best course of action, more often than not a simple repair can save you hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

Signs that your dryer may need to be serviced:

Tumble Dryer is Making Grinding or Squealing Noises

The Drum Won’t Turn

Clothes Dryer Keeps Stopping Mid-Cycle

The Dryer Won’t Start

There’s Not Enough Heat

Your Clothes Take Too Long To Dry

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Maybe you are not familiar with appliance repair, and you have no idea where to begin to fix the dryer yourself. The problem is when you are looking for Spokane dryer repair, how can you tell when you should consider repair rather than replacement?

Below are some of the most common warning signs that indicate your dryer might need professional repair rather than a trip to the landfill. However, if in doubt, we would be happy to come out and assess the situation for you. Avery Repair strives to be the top Spokane dryer repair services.

Signs of a Broken Dryer

Tumble Dryer is Making Grinding or Squealing Noises: Any loud grinding or squealing emanating from your dryer suggests a problem with the motor bearings. Not only is this issue tough to fix yourself, but it also needs pretty prompt attention. If you neglect damaged bearings, you’re heading for a total breakdown of your dryer so act quickly if you hear loud noises.

The Drum Won’t Turn: Perhaps your dryer engages when you switch it on, but the drum fails to turn. If so, there’s a strong probability the belts are at fault. Belts keep tension constant so the drum can move and any break down here needs to be taken care of before you end up not being able to dry your clothes at all.

Clothes Dryer Keeps Stopping Mid-Cycle: Sometimes, when your dryer comes to a grinding halt prematurely, it could be an electrical issue. On other occasions, though, it could indicate it’s starting to overheat. If you can’t see any lint blocking the vents, it’s wise to call in a dryer repair service to make sure you don’t have a potentially dangerous underlying electrical issue.

The Dryer Won’t Start: It’s generally broken or failing door sensors that stop your dryer from getting started. Unless you’re confident dealing with electrical wiring, you’re much better off calling in the professionals for this quick and easy fix.

There’s Not Enough Heat: When your tumble dryer is working but not kicking out the heat you’re used to, this is in all likelihood due to the heating element. Are you confident of repairing that yourself, though? If not, a professional repair service will get the job done and ensure your clothes come out warm and dry once more.

Your Clothes Take Too Long To Dry: The coils, thermostat, or heating element are all possible culprits if your clothes seem to take an eternity to dry. Rather than wasting hours trying to diagnose this problem yourself, why not call in a repair service instead?

Why Choose Avery To Fix Your Broken Dryer?

With over three decades of experience fixing all type of home appliances, you will get a Spokane dryer repair service you can rely on with Avery.

We will arrange to visit and give you a frank assessment so you can determine whether repair or replacement makes most economic sense for your situation.

If you are looking for an established company with a track record of satisfied customers stretching back to 1988, give us a call, and we will have a qualified technician with you to fix your broken dryer fixed in no time.

Customer Reviews

“One day I noticed that my dryer was running for much longer than ever before. I opened it up and the clothes were still damp. That’s when I knew something was wrong and called Avery appliance repair. It ended up being a simple fix.”

“Adam with Avery saved me the other week. We had family coming in town for the holidays and our dry decided it was done. I immediately started calling around and Adam answered first. Came out same day and got our dryer fixed before our family arrived!”

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