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If you’re looking for Spokane refrigerator repair, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got over 30 years of experience helping people just like you avoid the needless expense of a new refrigerator if it’s entirely possible to salvage your existing appliance.

How do you know if your fridge is showing signs it needs attention, though?

It’s Making Too Much Noise

The Refrigerator is Leaking

The Freezer Looks Like an Iceberg

Food Starts Spoiling Too Quickly

The Motor Runs Hot

The Water Dispenser Doesn't Work

Signs of a Broken Refrigerator

Just because your fridge is acting up, there’s no need to rush straight out and buy a new one. That might prove to be the best course of action, but refrigerator repair is often the most cost-effective approach if your appliance is less than ten years old.

Here are five of the most common warning signs indicating that it’s time to take action before it’s too late and you’ve got no option but to buy a replacement appliance.

  1. It’s Making Too Much Noise
  2. The Refrigerator is Leaking
  3. The Freezer Looks Like an Iceberg
  4. Food Starts Spoiling Too Quickly                
  5. The Motor Runs Hot

1) It’s Making Too Much Noise

If your refrigerator starts making more noise than usual, this is often due to the condenser fan motor. This fan pushes air through the fridge’s condenser coil both to remove heat and to evaporate defrosted water.

The evaporator fan motor is the likely culprit if the noise is emanating from the freezer area, whether due to a broken blade or worn grommets. Unless you’re confident navigating these parts of your appliance, calling in our repair experts is the best way to get that noisy fridge fixed in no time.

2) The Refrigerator is Leaking

Excessive condensation might be due to a worn door seal that can easily be replaced, or a broken water inlet valve. When leaking occurs inside the fridge, this is likely caused by the temperature setting malfunctioning.

Analyzing the cause of leaks is awkward unless you’re highly proficient so unless you want to waste hours getting to the bottom of the condensation issue, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

3) The Freezer Looks Like an Iceberg

Obviously, you want the freezer section to be cold. If you need a hammer and chisel to pull out a package of peas, though, there’s something amiss with your appliance.          

Try defrosting your fridge if it doesn’t have an automatic defrosting feature. If this doesn’t work, you should call for assistance.

4) Food Starts Spoiling Too Quickly

If you notice your food going bad prematurely, this is a common indicator of a broken refrigerator. Not only will you be wasting food, but you’ll also be wasting electricity as well so take prompt action in the event of spoiled produce and stop throwing money away.

5) The Motor Runs Hot

Since the coils at the back of your refrigerator are insulated, you shouldn’t feel too much heat. Call for a coil inspection if you’re noticing excessive heat generating from the back of your appliance.

Why Hire Someone To Fix Your Refrigerator?

You might very well be tempted to break out the tool kit and get to work trying to fix that faulty ice box yourself, but is that wise? Unless you’re completely confident undertaking this kind of work, it’s probably not the most sensible option.

Here are five good reasons to look for the best Spokane refrigerator repair service rather than going it alone

You’ll Get The Job Done Quickly: Even if you think you can repair your appliance yourself, take the value of your own time into account. Ask yourself how long you can afford to wait before you can finally get around to taking care of the problem. By calling in the professionals, you can get the job done in hours rather than waiting for weeks.

You’ll Get a Service Warranty: All our services come with a service warranty so if you experience the same problem soon after, we’ll come back and take another look for you.

Fixing It Yourself Can Be False Economy: You might think DIY repair is cost-effective but how about if you end up causing more damage than you repair? Unless you have the right tools and a certain level of expertise, you’re highly likely to cost yourself money rather than saving by trying to avoid professional repair.

You’ll Get Any Hidden Issues Uncovered: While fixing an ostensibly simple problem, a professional technician could very well unearth underlying issues that are worth repairing at the same time. You’ll get a more thorough job done, and you’ll have an appliance restored to full working order if you call Avery Appliance Repair.

A Reputable Company Will Tell You If It’s Time To Replace Your Refrigerator: We won’t mislead you into repairs if a complete replacement is the most cost-effective option. We’re here to get the best result for you, even if that means telling you to head to the store and buy another fridge.

Whether you suspect your fridge just needs a little work or you’re sure it’s destined for the trash heap, give us a call today.

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“The worst day your refrigerator can break down is over the weekend! Luckily we found Avery Appliance who was more than willing to come out and help get our fridge working again. Thank you so much Adam for saving the day!”

“I thought it was time to get a new refrigerator but wanted to get a professional opinion. I called Avery, told them what was going on and they actually said it would be easy to fix the problem my refrigerator was having. This saved me from having to buy a brand new one.”

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