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Are you hunting for Spokane oven repair services? Whether you’re using a gas or electric oven, any appliance you use several times a day is likely to require repair over time. The problem is, how can you get to the bottom of the issue and be sure you’ve fixed the underlying problem? Unless you’re experienced and have all the proper tools, you probably can’t!

Signs that your oven needs a repair service:

Gas Oven: Pilot Light Problems

Gas Oven: Problems with Burners

Gas Oven: You Notice a Smell of Gas

Electric Oven: Oven Isn’t Heating Up

Electric Oven: Problems Turning Your Oven On

Electric Oven: Oven Is Too Hot

Top Spokane Oven Repair Service

The good news, though, is that calling in for professional help needn’t be as expensive as you fear. If you value your own time – and who doesn’t? You can save time and money by giving us a call at Avery Repair. We’re the top Spokane oven repair service. We can have your oven up and running in no time.

Some problems are not economical or sensible to repair. If that’s the case and a replacement is necessary, our repair service could still save you money. If it makes the most sense to buy a new oven, any reputable company will tell you this is your best option.

Gas or Electric Oven Repair

Whatever type of oven you use, there are some common signs indicating it might be time to call in a professional oven repair service.

While there are some problems shared by both gas and electric cookers – doors not shutting, food undercooked or inadequate heat when broiling, here are three of the most frequently experienced issues for each type of oven. In all cases, it pays to call in a professional oven repair outfit.

Gas Oven

Pilot Light Problems: More so than electric models, gas ovens can be especially dangerous when parts start wearing out. In the worst scenario, you might experience carbon monoxide poisoning. If your gas oven fails to light automatically, this could indicate a broken switch. If the flame turns yellow rather than blue, this often indicates a lack of oxygen. Constantly needing to re-ignite the pilot light also means it is time to give us a call.

Problems with Burners: Whether you notice the burners failing to kick off the heat they used to, or they merely start going out, this is another warning sign that you might need a repair service to get to the bottom of the issue quickly.

You Notice a Smell of Gas: You shouldn’t get any noticeable smell of gas with a modern oven. If you notice any odor at all, you should immediately turn off your oven and call our repair service at your earliest opportunity.

Electric Oven

Oven Isn’t Heating Up: If you’re suffering from ongoing problems with your oven not heating at all, this is a clear sign you need to consider repairs or possibly even replacement.

Power Fluctuation or Problems Turning Your Oven On: Occasional issues with an electric oven not turning on are often due to a broken heating element. When you find random fluctuations in power that are spoiling your best efforts in the kitchen, it’s well worth calling in assistance. Diagnosing this type of issue yourself can be time-consuming and ultimately fruitless.

Oven Is Too Hot: Faulty thermostats and sensors are often responsible for your oven heating up too much and scorching your food. These are quick and easy repairs for a professional service.

Why Choose Avery To Fix Your Broken Oven?

With over 30 years of experience fixing all types of appliances, Avery Appliance Repair is one of the most trustworthy and reliable Spokane oven repair services. We’ll dispatch a technician to your house promptly, and you’ll soon know whether you should have your oven repaired or you need a replacement.

If parts are unavailable, we’ll source them for you quickly, and we’ll get the job done right the first time so you can get back to whipping up a storm in the kitchen without any nagging worries about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Happy Customers

“Our electric oven stopped heating up the other day. I don’t think it even got hot. Avery came out and actually said it was better that we just buy a new oven. I guess our model was so old they stopped making the parts for it years ago.”

“We have a gas oven that stopped lighting. I did some research and figured it would be an easy fix for any repair man. Adam came over and was able to fix it that day.”

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